Yummly and the Yum Button: an Update!

  Yummly:  Updating the Site I mentioned before that I’d update you as I changed my site, so here’s a change! I am, starting now, using Yummly as my recipe plugin tool, which may take a few tries to get to look anything like I want it to look.  The reason that I’m making this change is because […]

Rainbow Season in Napa! | Tasting Everything

A Blogger and a Breakdown: Creating a Blog for Beginners

  Tackling Confusion and Madness: A Blogger’s Journey OR Creating a Blog That You’re Serious About for Total Beginners   ***Update: I’ve been blogging and improving for a few months now, and it was time to come back here and do some updates. Creating a blog is hard work and a constant learning process, so I’m sure […]