Mexico, Here We Come!!! (Looking for awesome ideas!)

  Tasting Everything is going to Mexico!!!!!!   (This is neither food nor recipe, but I just found out that we’re going to head off with some friends to Mexico for a week and I’m now stuck in party-dance mode!)   We’ll be heading to Puerto Vallarta, which is on the long list of places […]

Three Ingredient Limoncello! How to make limoncello in three easy steps! | Tasting Everything

Liquid Sunshine: A Homemade Limoncello Recipe!

As promised, here is the limoncello recipe for unbelievably delicious homemade limoncello made with fresh lemons. This is something that I make every single year now that I live in Napa. It was pretty totally incredible, but the first house we rented here had these two huge and gorgeous citrus trees right in the backyard […]