How to Write an eBook for complete and total absolute beginners (plus awesome resources)! Anybody can write a book; start with these basics and just get writing! | Tasting Everything

How to Write an eBook for Complete and Total Beginners

  Thinking about how to write an ebook but the whole thing seems too daunting? Don’t let that stop you! Start from the absolute beginning and you’ll see how totally doable it can be!   There has been so much happening over here lately! The eBook is in process (so exciting!!!), there’s a trip to […]

Napa Vineyard

Spirit Animal Blogger Award

Spencesgirl nominated me for a Spirit Animal Blogger Award, and I just had to participate! It’s so fun to feel like other bloggers are noticing you and paying attention to what you’re up to, so I want to make sure that I try to give other people that feeling as well! I was way late in […]

Napa Sky

Blogger Recognition Award

Far too long ago (like a month ago or more!), I was nominated by littlewicksy for a Blogger Recognition Award, and it is high time to pay that favor forward! That nomination made me feel really happy and I can’t believe that I didn’t jump right up and share that feeling with more people! I was […]