Sample Pricing


Do you sometimes feel like you’re too busy to deal with making a home cooked meal every single night? Why go to a restaurant and get stuck there for hours with potentially marginal service that you’ll feel obligated to tip for plus huge markups on wine and food? Especially when the cost of hiring a personal chef is generally lower than the cost of eating out?  Instead, you could be spending time with your family or inviting people to your home, setting things the way you want them, and relaxing while I do the grocery shopping, cooking, and kitchen clean-up for you.


Give me a call and let me take care of dinner!


Often, people aren’t sure what sort of cost to expect, so I’ve provided some sample pricing below.  Please be aware that the pricing below is sample pricing for services only, and does not include the cost of groceries or storage containers. When we have our initial consultation, we will discuss specific pricing for your needs.

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Before the actual cooking day, each of the personal chef services includes an initial consultation to determine your dietary needs, your likes and dislikes, and your specific preferences when it comes to details like groceries and storage containers. During the consultation, we can choose your menu (unless you’d rather leave that to me) and arrange the details regarding what day I will be cooking for you, and any instructions you’d like me to have regarding entering and leaving your property, pets (if you won’t be home), and anything else you feel I should know.


Sample Pricing


Simple feel-good citrus and avocado salad with walnut-citrus vinaigrette | Tasting Everything


The 5/4 Plan $450 ($22.50 per person per meal)

The 5/4 Plan provides 4 servings each of 5 delicious entrees paired with matching side dishes.

The 5/4 Plan is the most popular option and provides the greatest value for your money.


The 4/4 Plan $400 ($25 per person per meal)

The 4/4 Plan provides 4 servings each of 4 entrees paired with side dishes.

The 4/4 Plan is ideal if you like to dine out once or twice during the week.


The 5/2 Plan $350 ($35 per person per meal)

The 5/2 Plan provides 2 servings of 5 entrees paired with matching side dishes.

The 5/2 plan is great for couples and empty nesters.


Bright and spicy mouthwateringly-good chicken with arugula-parsley "pesto" and lemon: a surprisingly simple healthy recipe! | Tasting Everything


Cooking Classes

Cooking classes begin at $55 per person, but pricing depends on the dish and preparation style that interests you!


This recipe for a nourishing winter bowl with chipotle-maple roast squash and a rainbow of veggies is simple, gluten-free, vegan, and so healthy! | Tasting Everything


Also available for:

Private Parties

Date Nights

Birthday Dinners


Wine Dinners


Game Day

Business Meetings

Meet and Greets

and much more!

Contact me with your ideas, and we’ll make a plan together!