Sauces. Sweet, Sweet Sauces.

Hello and welcome! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. I’d love to connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well! Thanks for visiting! From October, 2009 Today: Les roux – blac, blond, brun (white, sandy, and brown roux) Buerre manié (butter and flour paste) Sauce béchamel Sauce crème […]

Secret Ingredient

There is no secret ingredient. There’s just believing in cooking. -Chef Laurent

Roast Chicken

From October, 209 Poulet rôti et ses accompagnements : jus rôti, purée de pommes de terre, fleurets de broccoli, petits oignons glacés à brun. Roast chicken with all the trimmings! Mashed potatoes, broccoli, and caramelized baby onions. This will be our first assessment in a few weeks, so I’m sure I’ll have more to add […]

Pastry (cue ominous music…)

From October, 2009 Okay. This week was a little hectic for me (read: I’m totally and completely terrified of pastry). I’ve decided to combine this week into one pastry-filled entry. It went well! My pastries actually turned out well! Not perfectly, but I’ve got to admit that I was expecting complete chaos and failure. Tiny […]

Pasta Happiness

From October, 2009 Les Farineux et Riz!!! Starches and rice!!! For the practical: Nouilles Alfredo (fresh pasta noodles with parmesan cream sauce)!!! In demo: Risotto à la Milanaise (risotto with saffron, parmesan, and tomato) and Gnocchi with sauce tomate, which we will be making later on in the course! “Anne. I think today is your […]

Boning Knife = Love

From November, 2009 Lamb. In class, we got to watch découpe d’un agneau (butchery of a whole lamb, showing primary and secondary cuts) and then it was on to practical to make Carré d’agneau rôti et persillé and Ratatouille nicoise. Roast rack of lamb with a parsley crust and ratatouille from Nice. Now here’s the […]

Knife Love

From November, 2009 Have I mentioned my knife kit? Have I really, really mentioned the loveliness that is my knife kit? I have these: Knife Case Cook’s Knife 9″ Meat Fork Paring Knife Filleting Knife Turning Knife Boning Knife Light Cleaver Scissors Sharpening Steel Trussing Needle Vegetable Peeler Flat Icing Spatula Bent Icing Spatula Zester […]


From November, 2009 In two days, we watched butchery of a rump and loin of beef and we made Bœuf buourguinone with pearl onions, button mushrooms, croutons, and lardons (that’s bacon bits to my friends out there at home!) and Contrefile de boef rôti et ses accompagnements: carottes glacés tournees, haricot vert, and pommes châteaux […]

Runny Eggs

From November, 2009 Eggs. Oh, eggs. How could I possibly not make eggs well? Oh! I know! I could be making the eggs the way that we were taught today! Here’s what I think: I think that runny eggs are disgusting. Little chunks of eggs swimming in their own mucus-y juices. Not appealing in any […]

One Impressively Long Absence!

From March 28, 2012 Okay. I freely admit it. That absence was perhaps just a little too long! What have I been up to? I actually did finish culinary school! Graduated and everything! Work went incredibly well for me; so much so that, for the first time in memory, Franco’s offered to sponsor a work […]