A perfect breakfast! Black beans, harissa rice, and a fried egg | Tasting Everything

Harissa Rice, Black Beans, and an Egg: A Perfect Breakfast Recipe!

  Okay. So, I definitely have a new best breakfast recipe ever! Black beans, Harissa rice, and a fried egg.  It’s perfect! So much protein and energy to start the day, plus this breakfast leaves you full for hours! Also, starting the day with something that’s just a little spicy can’t be beat. This has been breakfast […]

Crazy simple, fast, and healthy turkey wraps: this recipe is unbelievably easy, great for you, and so good! | Tasting Everything

Crazy Simple, Fast, and Healthy Turkey Wrap

Rooting through the fridge after sleeping far too long, and desperate for something to quickly shove in my mouth on the way out the door, I threw together more than one delicious little healthy turkey wrap, which actually took less than three minutes to do. The leftover turkey was just sitting there, begging to be […]

Delicious and simple Thanksgiving leftovers: a recipe for turkey sandwich tacos! | Tasting Everything

Delicious Thanksgiving Leftovers: Guinness-Braised “Turkey Sandwich” Tacos

One of the smartest things that my family does before Thanksgiving is finishing whatever projects they can as early as possible. There are a lot of basic Thanksgiving necessities like turkey stock and gravy base that freeze incredibly well, and my parents are very good at being on top of this holiday. They will freeze and plan and […]