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Tasting Everything is here to offer healthy, beautiful, and delicious food to homes throughout Wine Country and Marin with personal chef services, freelance consulting, and a fun blog! If you’re looking for someone to make food for you, your family, or an event, you’ve found the right person!

Contact me any time for more information! anne@tastingeverything.com

Born and raised in Minnesota, I started working in a restaurant and a catering company long after finishing college. After spending time working in kitchens in Minnesota, I travelled Italy and England.  There I fell once again completely and totally in love with food, and decided that it was imperative to live in London again after having studied there as an undergraduate.

A student visa, not only allowed me to go to school, but work as well. While living in London, I had the amazing fortuity to work at Franco’s, the oldest Italian restaurant still standing in London and an absolutely incredible fine dining establishment.

When culinary school was over, it was time to head to San Francisco where I had the great fortune to spend two years working in a then Michelin-starred restaurant, One Market.

Leaving San Francisco for Napa,  I worked in a number of restaurants throughout Wine Country, some brand new, some well established, and then had the opportunity to work for Cindy Pawlcyn at Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, where I was promoted to Sous Chef. It was an amazing experience.  After Cindy’s, I was offered the opportunity to run a kitchen myself, opening a new restaurant for another amazingly talented Chef/Owner  in St Helena.

Now I’ve decided to start something new as a personal chef and freelance consultant, and am so excited to be able to share everything I’ve learned over the years with you!

Tasting Everything is a site dedicated not only to my work as a personal chef and consultant, but also to sharing recipes, tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration for learning to cook beautifully healthy food. Though everyone can benefit from having a personal chef, not everyone lives in this area. That’s why the blog exists. The blog is is here to teach people how to take basic restaurant techniques to make food cooked at home from scratch look and taste incredible. Everything on the blog is totally doable in a basic home kitchen, so if you’re having trouble, reach out and contact me! (anne@tastingeverything.com)  There’s nothing on the blog that you can’t do, so even if it looks complicated, take a deep breath, believe in yourself, and give it a try!

Learning to eat healthier takes work. Learning to eat well using seasonal whole foods might be brand new to you. Even if you aren’t in the market for personal chef services, come and join me at the Blog and let’s focus on Tasting Everything!