The New Tasting Everything

Welcome to the new Tasting Everything! A mom blog!


Tasting Everything is going full Mom Blog!

The time has come to stop pretending. Now that I’m truly and officially a mom, Tasting Everything is turning into a mom blog!

Four months ago, I gave birth to the most incredible and amazing little girl that has ever existed.




(I’m pretty sure that’s completely factually accurate. If any of you would like to weigh in and tell me that I’m wrong, feel free to do so. I’m not sure you can convince me otherwise, but you’re welcome to try!)

She has completely and totally changed my life.

Before having her, of course, I was pregnant.  Really pregnant! Ultimately, I was a full 42 weeks pregnant when the doctors finally convinced me that it was high time to stop letting her run the show and just have her already. It was an exciting time full of decisions that I was really hoping that I wasn’t going to have to make.  We also got to experience some pretty interesting medical excitement during the whole birth process.  Everything wound up going incredibly well, even with a few scares, and we now have a perfectly healthy little baby who just blows us away every day.


Boy did I under estimate how much a baby can shake things up! Click To Tweet


However, that was a loooooong ten months or so of having some weird cravings and a seriously changed palate due to a totally out-of-whack sense of smell and taste followed by the biggest life change I’ve ever had!

Through this whole experience, I really believed that I would somehow be able to keep Tasting Everything the way it was! I would, of course, include lots of baby stuff and go at least partially Mom Blog, but I was sure I’d still be able to throw down the same types of recipes that were featured in here before life changed so drastically.  I was planning to have baby stuff and regular Tasting Everything recipes side by side. One post might be baby stuff, and the next would be a recipe. The recipes here are actually pretty simple recipes, and although taking the photos and getting everything up here on the site takes time, it’s all so totally doable!


Boy did I under estimate how much a baby can shake things up!


The reality is that pretty much every recipe on Tasting Everything requires two hands to make. Who knew that could be a problem? Not me!

Little A just won’t be put down!

Not ever.

Well, okay.  Honestly, that was just for the first three months.  She’s okay being put down in her frog chair for a little while now, but that’s about it at this point. She’s constantly changing though, so I don’t expect things to stay like this forever!

(By the way, if you have a baby who just won’t be put down, I can’t recommend this little chair enough! You have to wait until she’s old enough to hold her head up because she’ll be in a sitting position, but this was seriously the first thing I could set her in without her starting to fuss and cry almost immediately! It turns out that she’s SO much happier sitting up than in any kind of back-lying reclining position. She also really, really wants to be a part of the action! Hang in there, moms with touch-hungry babies! We’re coming through the other end already at four months!)

Before little A showed up, it seemed like, even though lots and lots of babies hate their cribs and even bassinets sometimes, pretty much every mom out there was feeling terribly guilty for letting their kids hang out in swings, Rock and Plays, Pack and Plays, bouncers, and so on for long stretches of time. They would let their babies nap away and just feel like the worst sort of mom for not properly putting them flat on their back on the appropriately firm surfaces free of loose bedding and other items. That was supposed to be the fail safe!

It was so great: we had inherited every single one of these items from mom friends and family who swear they work. Even if we had a baby who didn’t like her crib (totally normal), we’d have all of these great options for when she wouldn’t or couldn’t sleep! Places she could hang out when we wanted to get a little work done, clean the house a bit, or even cook! Plus, putting babies in their carseats and going for long rides is supposed to make all babies calm down and fall asleep, right?  Who doesn’t know that?

I’m here to tell you that that is not the case! Some babies hate all of those things. HATE!!!! They need to be in someone’s arms at all times.  I’m not talking about wanting it, I’m saying that they need it.  Exactly like they need food and sleep.


I had no idea.


Not only did I assume that I would be able to put her down for some good stretches of time while she was sleeping, but I had also assumed that  it would be so simple to do some cooking while little A was in a carrier.

Nope! At first, she hated all carriers. After a few weeks, she learned to like the Moby Wrap which was a massive relief. Then a couple of weeks (or maybe a month?) later, she fell in love with the Ergobaby! (We have this one! It’s awesome here in hot and sunny Napa! That mesh doesn’t look like it would make much of a difference when you’re just examining the carrier, but when you stick your hand in between the mesh and your baby’s back while you’re out walking around, you can actually feel a breeze!)

As it turns out, however, it is not at all easy to prepare or cook food with a baby in a carrier! Even if you can get past your fear of using a sharp knife while your baby is so close (I’ll let you know if that ever happens), you still can’t actually do any kind of cooking that might splash your little Joey with hot liquid. If you happen to worry about every single thing that could possibly go wrong like I do, that pretty much includes all foods that require any kind of cooking.


Bring on the Mom Blog!


So, long story (relatively) short, Tasting Everything is going to change! We’re heading into real Mom Blog territory. I love this site; it’s been a part of everything I’ve been doing for so long.  While I could just hang on to it and keep it on the back burner for when I get back into the swing of things and start a separate site for the mom stuff, I’ve decided to let Tasting Everything evolve right along with me.

Having a kid changes things! It really does!

Tasting Everything is coming along for the ride.


*I’m going to start using more stock photography on Tasting Everything for now. I don’t want to overdo it with putting pictures of little A out there before she has a say in what her social media presence is going to look like, plus there’s a huge quantity of great baby-related images out there. I’m going to be careful about which images I grab, so if any of you see an image that you think shouldn’t be available, let me know so I can remove it and tell you where I downloaded it!

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