Our Next Great Adventure!

It's official! We're having a baby!!!! Our very first one! Join us here at Tasting Everything on our next great adventure!


The time has come to make the big announcement:

We’re pregnant!!!!!!! We are having a baby!


It's official! We're having a baby!!!! Our very first one! Join us here at Tasting Everything on our next great adventure!



Some of you might have noticed that I’ve gone a little quiet lately (okay, totally silent…), and I have a very, very good reason for that! After wanting to start a family for a couple of years now, the awesome dude and I are finally having a baby! Our very first kiddo. We could not be any more excited if we tried!


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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about whether or not to start a brand-spankin’-new blog dedicated to this new journey (pregnancy and mom-ing) and keep Tasting Everything as a dedicated food site, or to allow Tasting Everything to become both a cooking blog and a place for all of this new pregnancy and mom stuff.   I’ve finally decided that, since Tasting Everything is so much a part of my heart and soul, it just doesn’t make any sense at all to separate these two massive parts of my life. Having a baby will be every bit as important as food and cooking, so why try to keep everything apart?

So this is where I give all of you out there in Reader-land the official head’s up: pregnancy and mom stuff are being added into the mix! For those of you who really only want to see the food stuff, I’m going to try to find a simple way for you to go straight to the recipes and avoid the mom stuff.  For now, if you look along the side bar (the right side of the page while you’re scrolling down), you’ll find links for recipe categories under “Just the Recipes” so that you can easily find what you might be looking for. There’s also a search bar over there if you have something specific in mind!

(Please, if anyone out there knows of a simple way to separate two different types of posts on the same blog, I’d love to hear about it!)

Over the last several months (we’re already 19 weeks today!!!), I’ve really come to realize just how inseparable having a baby and cooking are, which is the main reason that keeping the recipes and the mom info together makes so much sense for what Tasting Everything is and will be in the future. It wouldn’t be honest to separate the two! Between physical/mental exhaustion, crazy palate changes, and food cravings/aversion, your cooking style really goes through some strange evolutions and it doesn’t make sense to keep all of that from you guys.

Starting so early in the first trimester, this overwhelming “I-think-I-might-have-recently-been-hit-by-a-semi” exhaustion just takes over your body and mind, making it nearly impossible to prepare anything to eat that’s more complicated than grabbing something and eating it straight from the container. Foods you have always liked start to become uninteresting and totally unusual foods become insanely good! Then, if you’re super lucky, your mouth kind of always tastes bad, which just messes with your ability to make meals that taste good at all. (For about three months, everything kind of tasted like armpits to me.  Awesome, right?)

You also have the fun of making sure your meals are lower in sugar and salt.  You’re also constantly trying to follow specific guidelines regarding how much of which types of food to eat and how often to eat them, which as a kitchen person, really changes my usual eating style! (I’ve been a longtime fan of the two probably-too-large meals a day plan; one at maybe 1 pm when I roll out of bed and the other at 1 am if I’m lucky enough to get home from work that early.  Somehow, that’s not ideal for baby creation! Go figure…) There have been some serious changes around here lately!


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You can maybe see why I haven’t been subjecting you lovely readers to any new recipes…

Right now, for example, I just can’t get enough chocolate milk, fish sauce, hot sauce, and orange juice.  I really wasn’t totally sure you wanted to go down this particular rabbit hole with me.

So, we’ve had some silence while I was deciding what to do.

In the end, it was simple.  Tasting Everything is about exploring everything. Trying new flavors. Tasting ideas. Testing techniques.  What could be more perfect than exploring all of these concepts with a brand new little person?

We’re having a baby!!!

Welcome to our new adventure!


It's official! We're having a baby!!!! Our very first one! Join us here at Tasting Everything on our next great adventure!


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