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How to Write an eBook for Complete and Total Beginners

How to Write an eBook for complete and total absolute beginners (plus awesome resources)! Anybody can write a book; start with these basics and just get writing! | Tasting Everything


Thinking about how to write an ebook but the whole thing seems too daunting? Don’t let that stop you! Start from the absolute beginning and you’ll see how totally doable it can be!


There has been so much happening over here lately! The eBook is in process (so exciting!!!), there’s a trip to Mexico to plan, plus I’m incredibly excited to be working with SunWarrior (what a cool company!) to create a super powerful protein recipe to share with all of you healthy gluten-free readers! I just feel so grateful to be able to have so much fun doing what I love! Thanks to every one of you who has been stopping by to check Tasting Everything out! I’m so happy to have you here!


Putting together the first Tasting Everything eBook is so exciting, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! It’s going to be such a fun and easy read about creating a simple and healthy meal that just makes you feel happy! I’ve been learning so much about the absolute basics of how to write an eBook. It’s so fun!

The eBook we’re working on over here is all about Happiness Bowls.  It’s pretty clear that eating well can make you feel good, but not everybody is comfortable with understanding how to make that happen. Making a bowl of fun, colorful, and nutritious food can seem so daunting if you don’t know where to start! While I am including my three absolute favorite recipes for happiness bowls, this eBook is really more about teaching people how to make their own happy food in whatever way works best for them. Though there are awesome recipes out there, sometimes knowing the formula for success and then using what you like and what you have can be better than any recipe. I just want to make sure that everyone is comfortable creating a simple bowl of food that makes you feel great!

Making good-for-you food can actually improve your energy level and mood, so being able to throw together a bowl of happiness feels like such a great technique to share with those of you who aren’t already comfortable doing that. Food doesn’t have to be complicated to be good; you can frequently trust yourself to know what will be best. Sometimes, though, you just need a little guidance.  That’s exactly why I’m making this book! I’ve had so many friends tell me over the years that they can’t cook without a recipe because they don’t know all of the “rules.” I totally disagree with that concept, but I am thrilled to provide some creativity guidance! As many a cook has said over the years,

“Relax! It’s just food!”


A simple recipe for black rice bowl with avocado, citrus, and coconut | Tasting Everything


Relax! It's just food! Click To Tweet


Since being a part of this process has been so fun and it had never occurred to me that I could do it, I really wanted to share the absolute basics of how to write an eBook just in case someone else out there wants to give it a try!  Now, I’m definitely not an expert in the field of eBook creation (which is why I’ve included some really good links near the bottom to people who are experts), but a lot of people are really daunted by the whole process, which stops them from getting really good information out there!

Because I want to be able to check out what all of you are up to, I’m including this information about how to create an eBook for complete and total absolute beginners, so that nobody has an excuse to feel like they can’t do it themselves. You are all experts in something! Put it together and share it with the world! You might not have someone to help you, but you can do this yourself and it doesn’t have to be an expensive process!

There are links below that give truly great in-depth advice for those of you who really want to start getting into the process.  Since that info is out there, I didn’t want to spend a ton of time rewriting what people have already written incredibly well. Check out those links after you see this list and realize that this is something that you can do!

The Absolute Basic How to Write an eBook for Complete and Total Beginners, Plus Awesome Resources!


  1. Start with an idea. Seriously. Figure out exactly what you want to write about and why. Ask yourself who you’re writing for and why they would care!
  2. Pick your software! You can write in Pages or Word, or, if you have access, you can create an eBook using one of the easy templates that are already available in inDesign or iBooks Author!
  3. Pay attention to formatting! Be clear. People really love short paragraphs rather than huge blocks of text. If you have a few different sections or headings or a really important point, use bold or underline it! Lists and bullet points are really great to use. If you’re doing something that’s not too long and has good images, consider writing it with a landscape orientation rather than portrait, it’s really easy to read that way.
  4. Focus on your images! Pictures are great to include; make sure they’re a good size and optimized for your book (see helpful links below). It’s also a good idea to use brightly colorful images that will grab people’s attention.
  5. If you have specific ideas that you want to highlight or media that you want to use, make that stand out! Most software makes that really easy, it’s just a matter of inserting a callout or media file.
  6. Add links, especially links to your site! That’s the cool thing about an eBook; people can go directly from your book to your site with one click if they want more information. Plus, having links to your other work makes it less likely that your work will be stolen (check out the super helpful link below). It would be awesome if theft never happened, but it does occasionally. Make that as hard as possible on the would-be thieves, and they’ll be more likely to leave your content alone! If they didn’t want to do things the easy way, they probably wouldn’t be thieves to begin with.
  7. Save it as/export it as a PDF. You don’t have to, but PDFs are universally recognized, so if you are a total beginner, this is hugely helpful! Once it’s a PDF, you can upload it to whatever site you want to include it on, whether it’s your own site, Amazon, or any of the other sites where you want your book to be available.

That’s it! That’s the absolute basic how to write an eBook! You can totally do that!

After that, it’s all about marketing and selling your ebook, which totally deserves its own post. When I have more useful information about that end of things, I’ll write that out as well!

In the meantime, since a lot of people out there are looking for more information on how to write an eBook, I just wanted to share what I’ve learned so far. I’m an information junkie, so any time I get involved in a project, I want to do all of the research! I am an affiliate of a couple of these spots, just so that’s totally clear, but the only reason I’m involved with their programs is because I was already using and loving them! There’s no way I’m using this site to promote something I don’t believe in, but if I do believe in something, I want to be a part of it!


Learn how to start and grow your food blog with Food Blogger Pro.While creating this book, I’ve spent a ton of time researching the best ways to create and share information. Though there’s a ton of great stuff out there, when it comes to creating a blog or an eBook, I just haven’t found any source of information better than Food Blogger Pro. It’s run by the Pinch of Yum people, Bjork and Lindsay, who are also from Minnesota, so of course I’m in love with it! However, personal bias aside, this is an incredible site for anyone interested in learning how to create a blog plus all of the stuff that goes into that. From photography to social media plus everything in between, they offer courses, videos, podcasts, and there’s a huge community involved with an active forum that you’re basically automatically a part of. It’s pretty awesome! If running a blog is something that interests you, I really recommend checking Food Blogger Pro out! If you’re looking for some great information on how to write an eBook, this is an amazing resource!


PicMonkey Photo editing made of winIf you’re making anything that would benefit from great pictures, sites like Canva and PicMonkey are awesome for that. Even if you don’t have someone creating images for you, these sites have templates and book cover ideas that you can use for free plus some really nice paid options! If it’s an eBook cover you need to design (a very important part of the process), there are tons of options.  I just started poking around Canva and it looks awesome, but I’ve been using PicMonkey for everything!  All of my long pins for Pinterest were created on PicMonkey, the collages, plus cover images for sites like FaceBook are all super easy to do (even for free!) on PicMonkey.


There are some great articles and posts out there that talk about the best ways to actually create an eBook, my favorite being this one from Zapier, who gets into the nitty gritty details. How to write it, format it, optimize the images, track it, export it, offer it, and everything! Seriously, check this one out! Fizzle tells you how to design a great ebook, where to find some free templates, and on another page, shares sites where you can find great images if you don’t have ones of your own that you feel comfortable using.

If you’re looking for a great article on creating an eBook from start to finish, check out HubSpot!

Inkwell Editorial has great info on ways you can prevent theft of your eBook and ideas, which is super helpful information! Holly Brady shares 25 sites where you can promote your book for free (or mostly free!)  If you’re planning to self-publish your eBook, check out this article from Successful Blogging.  It’s a seriously helpful quick-start guide with links to more information.

So those are the absolute basics! I hope you found them helpful enough to get out there and write your own books! If you find any great articles, resources, or links that you think I should include, add them in the comments! I’d love to check them out!

Also looking for some healthy dinner ideas or maybe an awesome salad recipe? I’ve got plenty of those!

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*Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links!

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