Mexico, Here We Come!!! (Looking for awesome ideas!)


Tasting Everything is going to Mexico!!!!!!


(This is neither food nor recipe, but I just found out that we’re going to head off with some friends to Mexico for a week and I’m now stuck in party-dance mode!)


We’ll be heading to Puerto Vallarta, which is on the long list of places I’ve never been! Naturally, sunshine, water, cold beers, and vibrantly colored cocktails with little umbrellas in them are high on the list of must-dos, but I’m looking for more awesome ideas for places and activities that simply can’t be missed!

Anybody out there have awesome ideas? What should we do in or near Puerto Vallarta?



I’ve never spent more than a couple of days in Mexico, so this should be an awesome trip. Sun, sand, surf, swimming, s…drinking. I’m counting the days until we go!

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It’s crazy; I haven’t gone on a real (by which, naturally, I mean hot and drenched completely in sunshine) vacation in more than six years! It was about that long ago that I spent some time in Italy and then London, where I realized that it was absolutely time to move back to London, whatever that would to take. Having only spent a couple of months there before, I had to find a way to move to London for as long as I could. Because I had started cooking and was loving it, culinary school seemed like the perfect solution.  It was a plan that came with a visa! It took some serious doing, but I managed to apply to culinary school, be accepted, apply for and expedite a student visa, pack, move out of my apartment, and arrange travel plans in a matter of months! Not surprisingly, I had no idea where I would be living or working, but you can read about all of that in the posts from long, long ago and in a blog galaxy very far away!


London After the Rain


Beautiful London


Italy was an amazing part of that trip. Though I had been there before, spending time in Venice, Rome, and Florence in the moment you’re deciding that you want to focus your life on food and cooking is totally inspirational. It’s such a perfectly concrete demonstration of culinary passion and dedication!  The food in every restaurant, cafe, and market stall is the best food you’ve ever eaten. The smells drifting along the streets, the sounds of people eating, laughing, and enjoying life along every sidewalk… it’s heaven. We had the most amazing meals in small cafes, often with food sent out by the chefs who would simply decide what we wanted to eat even without asking us. They were always right.  Little starters of raw baby artichokes with freshly shaved parmesan and drizzled with the best, most intensely flavored olive oil you can imagine just appeared magically at our table. Ice cold caffe freddos, tiny shots of grappa or limoncello…there’s no place like Italy!


Venice, Italy



It must have been at least a year before that trip that I went on any sort of hot and sunny, drink-too-much-and-relax-too-hard kind of vacation. It’s high time to correct this issue! This time, though, instead of simply becoming a totally brain-dead-melted-puddle of my former self, I’m planning to come back completely inspired by the colors, smells and flavors of Mexico and Puerto Vallarta. (Or I’ll come back a puddle. I may end up just playing that by ear.)


If you guys can think of anything that I absolutely shouldn’t miss while I’m there, please let me know!




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