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Top 5 Easy Gluten Free Recipes for a Beautiful Winter Day!

Top 5 gluten-free dinner ideas for a gorgeous winter day! | Tasting Everything


The sun is shining and I can’t decide what to make for dinner tonight!  I need some great gluten free recipes. Seriously: it’s 66° today and it looks like it might get to 75° tomorrow, while back in the land of snow and ice where I spent most of my life, it’s 36° and will probably be snowing by tomorrow afternoon. I love living in Napa! Today is simply too beautiful for a big project, so fast, light, and healthy will definitely be the plan for this evening.  Naturally, looking for quick gluten-free dinner ideas has me searching some of my favorite blogs.  This is exactly the sort of day where you grab the dogs and run out the door into the warm sun, and then head home when the sun goes down.  It’s a seriously good idea to have a simple plan that will allow you  to just throw something easy together when you get back!


Top 5 gluten-free dinner ideas for a gorgeous winter day! | Tasting Everything


There are some amazing bloggers out there focusing on gluten free recipes and other special diets.  Since the warm and shining sun is calling me outside to enjoy the perfect weather and fresh air, today will be a collection of great gluten-free dinner ideas from other talented people that may just wind up being on the menu over here today!



First off, how can I resist sharing this recipe from Elena’s Pantry for sesame kelp noodles? I love this blog; she’s actually grain-free, not just gluten-free and she has some seriously great ideas for grain-free and often vegan and paleo options, if that’s what you’re into. If I do make this noodles, I might also recreate some tasty looking chicken wraps she’s got on that blog! (Though, I might substitute my own peanut sauce recipe.)

As a huge fan of kelp noodles, it’s actually kind of surprising that I don’t have any on hand, but I might adapt her recipe slightly for things I have in the house right now.  Cellophane noodles, peanut butter, and honey instead of stevia, but I’d bet my changes won’t improve her ideas one bit!

These miso tahini noodles from Sondi Bruner look perfect as well! Spinach, miso, and tahini with rice noodles might be a perfectly simple way to end the day once the sun goes down and it starts to get cold!

Of course, this recipe for a vegan chickpea “tuna” sandwich from  Gluten Free Vegan Girl might just be perfect for today! I happen to have a little gf bread in my freezer (never forget how well that stuff freezes! If you’re like me and just never get through a whole loaf, just double wrap your leftover bread tightly and chuck it in the freezer! For a super easy time of using a piece or two later, slice your bread first, and then put a layer of parchment paper between each slice.  This way they’ll be super easy to get when you want them!) Gluten Free Vegan Girl’s blog is fantastic; she’s born and raised in Norway (the blog is in English) and she has great ideas for substituting ingredients when you’re trying to stick to a gluten-free and vegan diet. This sandwich is a “tuna” sandwich, but made with chickpeas instead of fish. She adds a little nori to her chickpeas to get that seafood flavor. It’s creative, healthy, simple, and fun!

If running to the store winds up being in the cards, this recipe from Yum Universe for chipotle citrus marinated maitake mushroom tacos might win the race. Yum Universe isn’t entirely gluten-free, but she has a section of gluten free recipes if you want to find some ideas quickly. Her thing is a plant-based diet, and she has ideas and pictures that are so phenomenal you just have to cook what she’s making! Plus, she has simple how-to recipes for fun projects and she offers meal plans as well.

Then, of course, you have to consider this recipe for a day where the sun is bright and warm, but the night will still quickly turn cold. Gluten Free Goddess has a recipe for chili that looks like it might be perfectly warm and comforting after a long walk and on a dark and chilly night. I love that she’s added squash and sweet potatoes into her recipe; it will definitely be thick and rich but still incredibly healthy!

Okay. That’s enough research! Whether or not running to the store happens, I have some great gluten free recipes and dinner ideas for a chilly night after an afternoon running around in the sun.

Do you guys have any quick and easy gluten free recipes or dinner ideas that you love?


Top 5 gluten free recipes for a gorgeous winter day! | Tasting Everything

Top 5 gluten-free dinner ideas for a gorgeous winter day! | Tasting Everything

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