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Yummly and the Yum Button: an Update!


Yummly:  Updating the Site

I mentioned before that I’d update you as I changed my site, so here’s a change!

I am, starting now, using Yummly as my recipe plugin tool, which may take a few tries to get to look anything like I want it to look.  The reason that I’m making this change is because Yummly has so many followers and so many recipes that it makes sense to include their yum button so that people can easily save recipes into a system that 15 million people are already using! My goal is to make my site not only look good, but also be really simple and user-friendly if you want to save, print, or try out my recipes.

I’m not sure yet whether or not I’ll be able to easily convert my older recipes, so if that’s going to take a bunch of steps, it might be a day or three before I go back and convert the few recipes I’ve already done. If anybody out there already has a bunch of experience with this plugin and is willing to share helpful tips with me, please do!

Let me know what you think! If I can get the image to customize just a little, I’ll probably be very happy with it. Yummly is a great site with tons of recipes and ideas, so choosing to add my information to that site and easily link to it seems like a no-brainer! Here’s hoping I have something simple to use and easy to customize that looks great!

Feel free to leave a comment!