What a busy week!!

winery view

It has been a crazy week around here! I have been working with customers nearly every day. It’s harvest time here in Napa, so there are a lot of wineries who are having chefs come in for the afternoon to cook meals for their hard working employees!

I have been lucky enough to have a job heading out to what might be the most gorgeous view in the area. High on a mountain, overlooking vineyard and a gorgeous lake. I drive up the mountain while the sun is rising and watch it shine over the vines in the early afternoon. I get to spend the morning cooking in a beautiful kitchen in the Lake House at the vineyard! The view is spectacular. It’s so nice to be way up there, listening to music, and getting to cook fun food while people occasionally stop in to say hello and ask what on earth I’m doing that smells so good! Hungry people are the best!

winery view

I also got to join John from Smoakville for a lunch that he was doing! It was so much fun working with him, hauling his massive grill in and out of his trailer, and slinging chicken and ribs out in the sun for hungry harvest workers! It was a nice and easy event. We got the trailer loaded, headed out, set up, got the food to the guys in record time, and then headed back. I got a few bites of ribs while I was working, and I remain pretty sure that John’s ribs are the best in town!

Not much else to report, except that I was able to find the most exciting addition to my kitchen family imaginable!!!!!!!!  Meet my gorgeous new kitchenaid!!!  Pro series with a heavy duty motor! I’m over the moon with happiness!!!!!


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