Catching up to the present


Well, I’ve got to admit that trying to fill in all of the missing information from the last several years of my life has proven pretty daunting.  I’ve decided to push forward and just start posting the most current things I’m doing, cooking, and having fun with!

For the sake of getting the blog up to speed:

I spent two years cooking in an amazing Michelin-starred restaurant in San Francisco, where I did a pretty decent job of pulling myself (or being pulled) up the ranks a bit!

I met an amazing man and we moved to Napa together! I started gardening, and love every second of growing and harvesting my own food. There is no better way to become completely aware of seasonality!

I worked in a number of restaurants in Wine Country, where I learned to really appreciate the incredible food available here. The produce is incredible, and so is absolutely everything else! We have the most amazing dairy, cheeses, olive oils, fish, and local meats here (not to mention the beer and wine…)! I’ve also gotten to learn a lot about butchery; taking down fish, poultry, various meats, and even whole lamb, rabbit, and pig!!! I’ve made sausages and foams, geleés and consommés, and I’ve put everything I could get my hands on into a smoker!

I had the most incredible fortune to work for my biggest hero, Cindy Pawlcyn. I was hired as a line cook, promoted to Sous Chef, and felt like the luckiest person in the world.

I also opened a few restaurants, not only as a line cook, but also as a sous chef and even as a head chef (though, technically my title was Executive Sous Chef. I just happened to be fortunate enough to be working directly for the Chef/Owner with no one between.)! I got to do it all!

There are thousands, if not millions of details that I’ve just glossed over. People I’ve met, food I’ve cooked (and eaten!!), and experiences I’ve had. Eventually, I’ll go back and get into them!

Now, though, I’m changing it up! I’ve decided to go into business for myself! I will be starting Tasting Everything, where I will be available as a personal chef for people in Wine Country or Marin who want a professional chef to come to their homes to make meals for the week, or food for an event, or even teach them how to make new dishes. All of my food is gluten free, and I’ve really noticed that there are a lot of people out there who are just starting to eat this way and need some help! I’ve been eating this way myself for nearly a decade, so I have a lot of information I can share and a lot of meals I can create! Being gluten free doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. For me, it was the best decision I ever made and I now eat food every single day that tastes better than anything that I used to rely on.

It’s time to move forward!


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