This blog is a new start to a blog I started a couple of years ago as I was just beginning my cooking career.  This began as a very green, wide-eyed journey into what I wasn’t sure would ever be a life I could sustain and thrive within.

My first blog was called “The Profane Chef” and the welcome page was this:

“I don’t actually plan to use profanities on this blog. Heaven forfend your children should find this site! What I mean by “the Profane Chef” is that I learn by doing, and I learn by making mistakes. Every time I make one of these mistakes, a string of profanities erupts from my mouth (I swear like a sailor), and then I learn something valuable. What I hope for from this site is to help you skip the mistakes and the profanities and go straight on to make something beautiful and delectable. This is a site for everybody out there who wants to have some fun cooking and isn’t already an expert. I’m off to Le Cordon Bleu London in October, and I can’t wait to share all of the ridiculous mistakes I make there! Wish me luck!”

It’s been 7 years, and I’ve decided to become “Tasting Everything.” My reason for that is simple; in order to become confident, in order to become successful, I believe that you truly have to taste everything.  Not just mushy peas in London.  Not just fresh baby radishes picked from your garden in Napa.  Not only a crisp Honeycrisp right off a tree in an orchard in Minnesota while an even crisper autumn wind blows the coming winter into the pores of your skin. Taste more.  Taste happiness.  Taste loneliness.  Taste fear.  Taste satisfaction.  Taste exhaustion. Taste success.  Taste everything! Learn to cook the flavors of life.

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