Fried Egg

From July, 2009

Honestly. If you put a fried egg on anything, I’ll call it gourmet.

I recently had a BLT with Heirloom tomatoes, fresh butter lettuce, great quality bacon from the local farmer’s market, and a fried egg on super easy No Knead Bread (http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/08/dining/081mrex.html) that almost made me weep. I ate at Barrio in Minneapolis (http://barriotequila.com/) and had a red chili enchilada with chorizo and a fried egg that was to die for. (I also strongly recommend the corn chowder and every single margarita on the menu. Tim McKee is a God.) Recently, when I was briefly cooking at Zahtar, my head chef Tony put a gently fried egg on top of a wickedly simple salad (mixed greens, good quality olive oil, coarse salt, and freshly ground black pepper) that made me almost believe that I love salads. When you break the yolk over the salad, it runs over the greens and makes the salad absolutely buttery. Gotta love a fried egg.IMG_7422

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