This blog is a new start to a blog I started a couple of years ago as I was just beginning my cooking career.  This began as a very green, wide-eyed journey into what I wasn’t sure would ever be a life I could sustain and thrive within. My first blog was called “The Profane […]

My First Post on the Old Blog

From July 12, 2009 I don’t actually plan to use profanities on this blog. Heaven forfend your children should find this site! What I mean by “the Profane Cook” is that I learn by doing, and I learn by making mistakes. Every time I make one of these mistakes, a string of profanities erupts from […]

Writing a Personal Statement

From July, 2009 For those of you stuck wondering what on earth to put in a statement of motivation, this is what I wrote to gain acceptance at Le Cordon Bleu. The only specifications that I was given were that it needed to be short, concise, and passionate, outlining my plans for the future. That […]

Fried Egg

From July, 2009 Honestly. If you put a fried egg on anything, I’ll call it gourmet. I recently had a BLT with Heirloom tomatoes, fresh butter lettuce, great quality bacon from the local farmer’s market, and a fried egg on super easy No Knead Bread (http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/08/dining/081mrex.html) that almost made me weep. I ate at Barrio […]

A Big Ol’ Pot of “I Don’t Feel Like Cooking”

From July, 2009 Wouldn’t it be inspiring if I could say that every single day I make tiny, perfect little portions of beautiful food created out of fresh, local, organic products? Unfortunately, that’s just not the case for me. Sometimes I just want a big pot of something easy that requires almost no prep work […]

Why I Cook

From July, 2009 A lot of people ask me how I ended up as a cook. This is a fair question! My parents don’t own a restaurant, my grandparents didn’t own a restaurant, and I didn’t get into cooking until a little bit later in life than most people! The truth is: I come from […]

Applying for a Student Visa

From July, 2009 This page is specifically for U.S. students who want to study in the U.K. Getting your student visa can be just a bit more complicated than you might think, especially if, like me, you decide that you absolutely must go to London a month early, after deciding at the last possible minute […]

The British Consulate in Chicago

From July, 2009 Okay. So maybe getting your student visa isn’t actually as easy as I made it out to be in the last blog entry. Actually, it’s a ton of work and you have to be obsessively detail-oriented. Time got away from me and, due to a couple of points of confusion, my visa […]


From July, 2009 My sister found this link! As a devoted addict; I felt that I had to include it. 100 Ways to Use a Stick of Bacon If you are as hopelessly in love with bacon as I am, whatever you do, NEVER google the word “bacon!” You’ll spend the rest of your life […]

Life in the Hostel

From July, 2009 I might just be getting old, but hostel life just isn’t quite as fun for me as it used to be! I spent the first five days of my trip staying in a 600 bed hostel. It actually wasn’t as bad as I’m tempted to make it sound, but it certainly was […]